Sunthetic iPhone 6-7-8 Solar Case

Protects your iPhone
Sunthetic Solar Case Charger is built of Apple certified components, keeping the iPhone safe and risk free. The resistant shell prevents scratches and accidental bumps. You never have to think of safety again, Sunthetic engineers have done this for you!

Use the phone normally. When you need additional battery , rotate the phone 90 degrees so that the solar panel comes in front of you.
Internal sensors detect the rotating movement and activate LED indicators. Those LEDs show the amount of energy left in the case battery. Tap the panel twice within 2 seconds after turning the phone and recharging will start.

Sunthetic solar case is designed to serve three purposes: to protect your telephone from breaking, to prolong its working hours with an internal 1800mA/h battery and to ensure maximum of your energy independence through a solar panel that recharges both internal batteries, of the phone and of the case.
Case looks sleek, simple and elegant, Hiding all the hard work and cutting edge electronics that are built into it.