Solar Laptop

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This solar lap top, in the first place, is designed for scientists and researchers who work mainly outdoors, on remote places, away from civilization and reliable power source. There are four positions this lap top can take. Completely closed – both lids are down and protected from impact and scratching.

Completely open – when it is in use. In the same time lap top can be recharged if placed in direct sun. Closed display and solar panel positioned up straight – to take the best angle for recharging.,,Solar panel can also be detached from the main unit and placed independently in a direct sun light to recharge the batteries inside the panel. Housing of this PC is made of die-cast aluminum, keyboard and palm rests are made of highly durable rubber. All joints are waterproof and all the slots have rubber caps making this unit completely water and dust proof.

In this position lap top can be carried inside a backpack. Closed display and solar panel – when solar panel is rotated outward to recharge the pc while carried around.