Paklo Picture Holder

Did you know that total live biomass on Earth is about 560 billion tonnes? Can you comprehend that number at all? That’s the weight of all the living organisms on Earth. It is calculated that 80% of that nuber goes plants.

More numbers,… around one billion qubic meter of both sawnwood and wood-based panels are produced, annually, globaly. Nobody can be sure how much wood of any kind and quality is thrown away to rott, turned into cheap fuel or just burned.
With Paklo design we wanted to make something useful from the smallest possible pileće of wood, which would, otherwise, end up in smoke.

Paklo is a small piece of wood, any size, with a tiny radial and angled recess. In that recess a printed photograph, a memo, a postcard,… any kind of paper stuff can be placed in. This curved and radial recess would make a spine-like stam in that paper making it stand straight up.
No need for glue, clamps or clips. Simple, elegant and useful. And,…no smoke!!!