Pacer Suit

The suit receives electric impulses which appear when the muscles are activated (movement), amplifies them and turns them into sound with the help of the sensors attached to the muscles. It is possible to produce harmonious rhythm and melody by dancing i.e. moving certain muscles (activating the sensors).

That sound can be heard through headphones connected to the control panel (attached to player’s chest) or through the speakers connected to the control panel by Bluetooth. Each separate muscle i.e. sensor could be assigned certain sound and tone through the same control panel.
It is also possible to set the rhythm that should be followed. connection to the computer has opened a great number of possibilities of the control of sound and tone through the movements of the body (primarily increasing the number of sounds that could be assigned to the sensors).

it is possible to assign to the sensors the sounds of various instruments and by simple setting of rhythm and tonality ( accord ) it is possible to perform the whole composition by dancing. such suit is designed for entertainment but also for aesthetic and deepened education. the union and visualization of the process sound movement-muscle work energy flow, create the pleasure of comprehension of a different existence of your own body and spirit.
the reaction to one owns movement is not outside of the body but within dancing man has from ancient times been trying to connect his body and spirit with rhythm and melody and he always had a desire to take a part in them as completely as possible.

this suit motivates, engages, provokes to the action and dancing. the ability ti sense and hear your own movement activates, inspires and enables the spirit to pass more easily and deeply into an adventure of rhythm and melody. here dance is
not a two dimensional passive activity of someone who is blindly following and imitating sounds and rhythm but it turns into active participation of someone who is taking part in creative process.
because if its stimulative power this suit could be used in various therapeutic and rehabilitation exercises and treatments of atrophied muscles as well as in various analysis while performing functions for which good coordination of movements is required.