BEAK Bucket

Bucket design hasn’t changed for quite a long time. It trully seems that people tend to take things for granted. If we analyze the way buckets are used, the way water is poured in and the way buckets are emtied it is very easy to see the obvious modifications that should be applied.

Yes, attempts have been made. But they Were pourly performed. As if the the reason was used for cosmetic change. Pour spout was part of a thinking process.
In Beak, pour spout is big, solid channel which directs water out of the bucket in clear and easily controlable manner. Whether you are pouring out clean water or some liquid containing dirt or detergent it is crucial that it ends up right Where you wanted. Every drop of it!!!

The spout is designed and incorporated into the general form making elegant apearance. The spout even takes over the leading role in defining a character of the product. The Beak looks like a drop of water.
In the process of empting a bucket we usually take it by the rim on the bottom with another hand. A handy handle is placed there. Now, that’s a better design.