METALAC Xgranit Kitchen Sink

Nikola Knezevic designed a wide range of kitchen sinks for Metalac, well established company that produces household products.

Material of choice for the whole xGranite series was grind granite. It is a composite material whose main ingredient is quartz.
Quartz is the hardest element of the granite, hence the name – granite kitchen sinks.

Natural material – quartz, which is part of XGranite kitchen sink up to 80 percent, is mixed with appropriate and specific resin of the highest quality.
This mixture is performed in highly controlled conditions to achieve superior resistance and longevity of the product.

Arrow tail, Spoons, Waterfall SQ and Ant shown here are just a few samples of the whole range of different designs where we played with various graphic elements. With these elements we constructed simple, interesting, associative and visually unobtrusive elements of a product where, nevertheless, functionality was our main focus.
Project done in collaboration with Dragan Jovic