This pair of audio components, KVP30 and KTA300 represent current line up of audio pre-amplifier and amplifier by KORATO.First thing that grabs attention is new approach to design. It is characterized by simple lines, unobtrusive elegance and excellent finalization. Housings are of exquisite quality and robust. So does it for equipment of this class.

Appearance of the devices is original and compelling, so it is hard to be mistaken for some other. We wanted units to stand out although it might be a challenge to visually pair them with some other amplifier or pre-amplifier of more classic appearance.
Both of the units relay on their predecessors for their construction.

The chassis is made of a specially bent 5 mm aluminum which was designed by Mr. Nikola Knežević. This preamplifier now has a single power supply which was totally redesigned for this product. The new power supply in the KVP 30, unlike the previous model, has a shunt voltage regulator with a massive 1000uF filtering, an ECL 82 valve in the regulation and a 80VA mains toroid transformer. The KVP 30 is a line only preamplifer with 6 inputs, one recording output and two power amplifier outputs. The line section has one ECC82 and one ECC 81 valve per channel. KVP 30 has no overall feedback. It is completely internally wired with Van den Hul SCS18/C5 wires, has an Alps volume pot, Vishay resistors, gold plated Teflon insulated RCA connectors and Mundorf Supreme signal capacitors.

The construction of the KTA 300 is totally dual mono, like its predecessor, with 20% larger power transformers which are now 600VA each. The power supply capacitors are 36000uF each (two per channel) made by famous Italian manufaturer Kendeil. Other improvements are a new driver stage and new transistors for the driver and predriver stage. The chassis for the KTA 300 is the same style as the KVP 30. Complete dual mono construction with two 600VA toroidal transformers, 35A bridge and 144,000 uF of filter caps in the power supply, a completely symmetrical push-pull circuit with 3 pairs of Motorola bipolar transistors in the output stage of each channel, internal wiring is VdH SCS 12/18 and all connectors are gold plated/teflon insulated. It works in class A up to 30 W.
A true powerhouse!