KORATO Galleon Audio Amplifier

For years KORATO maintained the image of audio amplifier equipment of the highest class. Their stereo tube amplifiers rank among the best amplifiers in the world along side with most renowned brands. With Galleon group we tried something else, something new. Both technically and aesthetically.

Audiophile world is strange and beautiful. Autistic in a way. Norms are followed strictly. What materials to use, what technology to apply, what color and texture for finish.
Galleon concept openly wants to break that thinking mould. Curvy lines, convex surfaces and their relations in tension produce a new design language for this, once, pretty closed world.

Galleon Gold Mini is a stereo tube amplifier with output stage wired in triode running in class A. Output tubes are two 6CA7 per channel. Input tube are ECC81 and ECC82. KVA-20 is internally wired with VdH cables has all gold plated teflon connectors and Mundorf polypropilene signal caps and has double C core output transformers with ultra fast recovery diodes in the PS. Small but beautiful!