Anniversary Audio Amplifier

KORATO reference dual mono audio amplifier 20th Anniversary Class A, 4Ω – 8Ω. This amplifier was made regarding 20 years since Korato company was established. It is dedicated to absolute perfectionists who does not satisfy with nothing but the best. Anniversary unifies highest level of manufacturing and superb design with top class components.

Anniversary also features complete dual mono construction with two 600VA toroidal transformers, 35A bridge and 144,000 uF of filter caps in the power supply, a completely symmetrical push-pull circuit with 3 pairs of Motorola bipolar transistors in the output stage of each channel, internal wiring is VdH SCS 12/18 and all connectors are gold plated/teflon insulated. It works in class A up to 40 W.

The construction of the Anniversary amp is totally dual mono, with 20% larger power transformers which are now 600VA each. The power supply capacitors are 36000uF each (two per channel) made by famous Italian manufacturer Kendeil. A new driver stage and new transistors for the driver and predriver stage are there as an improvement. The chassis for the amp is the same style as the preamp.