Katana Lamp

Sharp as a laser bright as the Sun. Katana is minimal, highly functional aluminum profile lamp. It is linear pendant task lamp designed for conference tables. The lamp utilizes linear 10W LED strip. Perfect for focused illumination where delicate brain work is performed.

Design is inspiring and allows derivations of any kind, – downward, upward, double, triple version. Form of the lamp is minimalist. It is drawn out from an ellipsoid profile curve that shaped basic aluminum tube.
As standard, Katana comes as flat aluminum color or natural matte anodized aluminum.

You have special wishes, no problem, Katana can be delivered in any color you can find in Pantone pallete.
Nevermind the color, it is its shape that atracts attention. One simple thing distinguishes it from the rest. Both ends of the tube are curved and sharpened making the impression that the lamp is hoisting up, flying, effortlessly gliding through the air. Small design intervention, a lot of character.