Every new technology or device, especially the ones based on AI, can be strange and scary. It takes time until we get to know it and become comfortable using it. Igigi’s design, in both body and virtual character, was conceived to overcome that gap very quickly and with pleasure. Igigi’s form is tender, gentle, soft, and smooth.On the other hand, it has a character. Flowing soft lines and surfaces with boldcolor contrast, organic protrusion, and skin-a-like finish reveal an amiable and dynamic personality.
We made this design for PygmyTITAN

Igigi is a new communication medium intended to be used in stores as a shopper’s assistant. The unit is typically mounted on the product shelf. It has a 9.7 inch Super AMOLED touchscreen displaywith 2048x 1536 pixel resolution and wide viewing angle.

Igigi senses the environment via the 12-megapixels image sensor located above the screen, behind the reflective glass. The sensor has 120 degrees field of view. By using such a sensor, the device is capable of monitoring the space in front of it. Igigi detects approaching consumers and responds to their interests.

Igigi unit implements a unique AI algorithm based on neural networks. Constantly evolving artificial intelligence enables Igigi to communicate in a frictionless manner and provide information about products, promotions, discounts, ingredients, the way of use. Most of the information a consumer wants to know Igigi can provide. Consumers can benefit in speed and quality of the information which non-real person can provide. Also, stores can benefit from satisfied customers since Igigi’s personality is charming and persuasive.