Geneza lamps

Three stage modular lamps, Geneza LED offers and provides a large number of functional and atmosphere set ups on a equally adjustable platforms. The three legged base design offers three sizes as well as the plain flat stand.

Stem hoists up from leg joint. They come in three sizes to maximize functionality and comfort aspect. Smallest stem can be used for tables or shelves to illuminate smaller, focused work areas whereas middle and tallest stems are usually paired with more powerful light sources to illuminate larger areas.
Geneza – Elipse is a rounded large light source. it can be used as a reading lamp beside a sofa as well as a task lamp beside working table.

Geneza – FlatBar LED lamp is the first lamp in a Geneza series. It is consisted of 50 high power light emitting diodes that can be dimmed if needed. They are placed in an flat bar shaped body/head and oriented horizontally.
The “head” can be rotated and adjusted. High quality acrylic is used for manufacturing the elements. Its additionally polished surface is highly durable.

Although this modular system has three stages of modularity, its prime characteristic is changeable “head” or the main lamp which is attached on the top of the stem.
These heads can be designed for different purposes or functions: upwards design – for ambience as a wall washer head, straight to the wall – ambience and background lighting, downward design – for working, reading, playing or some other focused activity.

Each lamp has switch that also acts as a lamp control unit through which that specific lamp can be set to desired color and light intensity.
By this switch each lamp becomes part of the general home illumination system.