Welcoming The Future

In G3 case our aim was to make rounded forms that fit into and complement each other. The big carbon body gently swings while giving out the impression that energy is about to burst through every corner. It is filled with the stuff that light itself is made of. The tension expressed is calmed down with relatively sharp corners, cut in elements of lock, covers and feet while the handle dives out and dives back into the body.

The use of Carbon Fiber, combined with anodized black and white aluminum, once again proves the visual strength it holds. It was our intention, through form, lines, fittings, colors and by combination of materials, to reveal its full potential. It is in our spirit to go further, faster, beyond limits and across borders and we are in constant search for means to achieve our goals.

In industrial design it is very common thing that new materials, new processes and new technologies breed out new visual and expressive languages, languages of forms, lines, colors, patterns, languages that inspire our senses and enrich our souls.Designing G3 case was quite a challenge for me. The material extremely powerful and still very exotic, with specific inner energy demanded bold yet calculated approach. It represented for me a mean to go beyond usual technical and functional strains and a mean to explore the future. Carbon fiber as a material not so new but stil not appreciated widely gave me the opportunity to take part in creating the visual language of the new generation, the language of the 21st century.