Phen Lamps

Light system Phen, is electronically and remotely controlled system where all lights in the installed scheme follow direction from an application. Depending on the type, the app can hold several different set ups, or positions of the lights.

Phen system is consisted of seven basic elements. Combining them we can assemble a large number of different lighting units.
Mono (shown on the first image) is main building set. We can add elements to it to increase illuminated area or level of light.

By adding to Mono set we get Duo. Both of these sets are placed on rigid bar which serves as a pivot around which lights rotate.
DuoS is a free hanging set where stability is accomplished with three 0.5mm cables.
All of the sets are quipped with rotational electric motors which assume specific position memorized in the app.

Each set of the Phen installed scheme is specifically memorized and controlled by the app which is initially fed by scanning a QR code located on every lamp or set. This QR code is an identification card and by which a specific position and intensity of that light is allocated.
In other words, by clicking a button on your phone, a completely different lighting set up can be attained.