Shuttle B-packs

Discovery carbonfiber backpack is first in a series of backpack designed and developed for ND&T (Nikola Design & Technologies, Inc), our company in Japan. These are hard shell backpacks made to protect both the content and the back of a skier or a hiker.

Discovery comes in two versions. Both carbon. One in colored resin and the other one in natural carbon weave. Both versions are made of Class 1 carbon with long fibers. This guaranties maximum strength and protection. Handle is part of the inner aluminum construction which acts as an additional strength point.

Endeavor is the second backpack in line. It also comes in two versions. Matt white carbon resin and natural carbon weave.
Two unlocking pedals are ergonomically placed beside opening panel. By pressing those panels by both hands a hatch is released by four cylinders. This ensures that the backpack will not be opened by accident and it can be done only on purpose.

Back side, or, inner side of all four types of Shuttle series backpacks are ergonomically design to follow the curves of hikers back. This calculation included all the clothing layers he or she might be wearing.
This side of the backpack that is between is made of highly breathable polyethylene/goretex membrane formed over a cushioned panel with adequate channels to allow airflow.