CORE Home Control Unit

In the era when Siri, Alexa, internet of thing and global connectivity are taking over the control over our homes, Core Home is a device which unifies everything crucial for the modern household to function in the best possible manner.

Core is, by all means, a brain of a home. It listens, learns, adopts, adjusts, engages, helps according to a specific algorithm. Absolute privacy is what differentiates this home control unit from other devices. It can be connected to the internet in order to make home more functional but none of the personal information goes to any cloud outside of it.
Security protocols are strict and followed so that none of the information leaks.In this system, personal information are personal, period!

Windows and shades, music and sounds, cooling and heating, information and entertainment, lights and illumination, air quality, washing and cleaning, storage and foods… all of these aspects are monitored and intuitively controlled by Core.
Its shape is simple, clean and combines strict sharp edged stand with soft egg shaped main element which contains 4 mics, 2 speakers, 5TB memory and control electronics.