Booster Lamps

Solid rocket boosters, also known short as SRB, are the detachable rockets made to thrust main space vehicle for the first two minutes of flight. They are placed aside from the main vehicle corpus and they fly off when their fuel is burnt. Booster lamp design resembles those SRBs hence the name.

Basic element of the design is a tube 70m milimeters in diameter and 200 milimeters in lenght. These aluminium tubes are welded together in groups of two, three and four to form lamp heads with light directed in two, three or four directions.
Lamp with two tubes is a small table lamp. Pleasant warm GU10 LEDs makes this table lamp ideal for muffled light atmosphere, as a reading bed table lamp or as an additional light source in a larger lighting scheme.

Lamp with three tubes is a floor lamp with a post 1050 milimeters high. Significantly stronger GU10 10W LEDs are placed as light source to support any activity happening beneath. Nevertheless the strenght, light is directet toward floor so it can stil serve as an accent light.
Four tube lamp is a pendant lamp. All the lamps come in bright, basic colors. Yes, because we love colors. White is ok, to.