Paklo picture holder

There is a lot of waste that comes out from wood-shops. This leftover sometime makes up to 15% in the form of wood dust and small pieces. All of this waste is usualy grinded into a dust to make panels. “Paklo” is a design that in a simple and cheap way finds use of these small parts.


New design utilises leftover parts from wodshops. “Paklo” is a small picture holder. As the usual shapes of the leftover parts are cuboid so the final shape of Paklo is cuboid, too. There is no need for extra finishing except for the small curved canal that holds a picture up straight, as shown on the first picture up there…

Paklo is good as holder for various things, family photos, greeting cards, children drawings… … sketches, grocery lists, post cards, memo lists. Due to the efficient holding system this picture holder is able to hold bigger sheets, up to a A4 size. Even more, it looks elegant on a shelf beside ceramic vases and books. Simple, minimal, cheap and easy to produce. Functional, beautiful and different.