Solar Street Concept

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More and more of these services will be available on streets and more energy will be needed to support them. Solar public multipurpose booths provide whatever the apparatus  is inside with necessary energy. Also every booth has lights that are powered by the same solar panels.,,Solar street stand-booths are popular way of shopping.

They can sell and show different kinds of things ranging from food, clothes, souvenirs to information pamphlets and ads.  These street stands consume electric energy for illumination, refrigerators, cooking…etc. Solar panel stores electric energy in batteries that are placed in the storage box. Solar street counters are independent from electric grid. They can be easily moved and placed into different locations by trucks (and small transportation wheels underneath the construction of the counter itself)

Underground connection with each other and also with electric company enables sharing of leftover energy in cases when this is needed. Diagram above shows possible underground connections.